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running early talent development programs can be lonely

If you’ve run and early-career talent development program, you know they have lots of moving parts – many of them frustratingly beyond the direct control of the program manager. There are many stakeholders to satisfy, each with their own perspective and ambitions: Sponsors, Participants, Assignment managers, Program alumni, Mentors and perhaps a program steering committee. 

There is also a seemingly endless array of possible directions a program’s structure, talent profile, curriculum and scope can take. Choosing the best path forward can be overwhelming – particularly when no one else at your organization seems to understand the full picture like you do.  If you’re like most people in our space, you’ve found that…

Early talent development professionals in our community say that they are coaches, recruiters, teachers, negotiators and community builders rolled into one. It’s very important work, but it can be stressful, and it can be lonely.


But together, everything gets easier. LDP Connect harnesses the power of our collective experience. Together we can…

Don’t go it alone…

Introducing LDP Connect

Since 2012, LDP Connect has unified and shared the collective wisdom of early talent program leaders and managers – supporting its members and improving programs. We run events, conduct original research, and organize the valuable insights of the community on how to build, grow and improve early career talent development programs of all stripes.

Why do early talent professionals join LDP Connect?

Whether you’re a seasoned early talent professional with mature programs, or just starting a new program, the LDP Connect community can help. Join your peers at all levels for… 


Others have tackled the same challenges you now face. Get answers to your biggest questions from people who understand what you're going through.


Early talent development is in a state of constant innovation. LDP Connect is where the innovators come together to share their ideas and advances.


Armed with data gathered from the broad community, LDP Connect delivers insight into how to runs programs more effectively and get better results.


Sometimes all we need to make a new idea successful is a little validation from our peers. Vet your thinking and boost your confidence.

Founded by a Program Manager

LDP Connect was founded by Dan Beaudry, a former early talent development program recruiter and manager at, who remembered wishing he’d had a network of other program managers who understood what he was going through!

Dan’s vision was (and is) to bring together the collective wisdom of the hard-working professionals in this important niche field so that all can benefit, and that the common errors of the past aren’t repeated.

Although started by Dan, the power of LDP Connect comes from its community: from the seasoned manager overseeing all early talent development, to the newly hired program manager entering our niche for the first time.

All Professional & Enterprise Members Get Full Access To:

Niche-specific content built by LDP Connect and our community that you won’t find anywhere else…

The Six Core Elements

Mature early talent development programs have six general elements. Explore these guides to evaluate your program and determine areas to improve.

Data Insights

Evaluate your programs with original market data and analysis from the LDP Survey - the largest and longest-running survey of early talent program practices.


Quick guides on how to navigate common challenges in early talent program management.  Need help dealing with a pressing issue? Start here.

Ideas in Action

Checklists, PowerPoint decks and other practical tools developed by the community to navigate common problems and put ideas into action.

Member Directory

Take your questions to the membership.  No matter how challenging your situation, someone has been there before. 


Deep discounts on data reports, benchmarking services and our annual conference, the LDP Summit.

Here's what Members Say About LDP Connect

"It has really made a difference..."

I'm proud of the partnership and work we have made with LDP Connect; it is now fundamental to what we do at Boeing. We are often asked by our executives what "other programs" are doing and how Boeing compares. LDP Connect has given us a way to answer these questions by pulling together the data and the thought leaders in the early talent space. It has really made a difference.

James Garnett
Sr. Manager, Early Career Development Programs at Boeing

"An integral part of my professional development..."

The LDP Connect community has been an integral part of my professional development and career growth. The organization has provided me a wealth of information, external benchmarking data and connections to other professionals in roles similar to mine, which resulted in opportunities for me to elevate my company’s leadership development programs.

"Great peer company interaction..."

LDP Connect provides great peer company interaction and learning for all of us who lead early career programs. This is the place you’ll find ideas and answers across rotational development teams.

"I'm excited to be a part of this amazing community..."

LDP Connect has been an invaluable resource for those of us in the early talent space. It provides opportunities for us to collaborate and strategize about trends, challenges, and insights among our peers across various industries. Through the various conferences and surveys, we are able to benchmark and evaluate the health and effectiveness of our programs. The forum continues to evolve each year and I’m excited to be a part of this amazing community.
Sherene Peart
Manager, University Recruitment

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LDP Connect is a community of like-minded professionals who share ideas and innovations.  We are always adding new content to our library and event schedule because our objective is to offer long-term value as you grow and improve your programs. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within thirty days of becoming a member, we will refund your fee, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

LDP Connect is perfect for anyone who leads, manages or supports one or more early-career talent development programs. Many of our members oversee all of early talent development at their organization, and many others run or support a single program.  We also have members from the talent acquisition side – often campus recruiting – who support these programs, and members that do all of the above.  If you develop early career employees, LDP Connect will be valuable. At the moment, membership is reserved for professionals who practice early career talent management/recruitment for their own employers – as opposed to as a service provider for other organizations, or university career services. This limitation is made at the request of our members.

LDP Connect serves about 40% of the Fortune 50 through its events, research and community. Although much our 600+ member community is comprised of people from large organizations (which is where many early talent programs have operated successfully for many years), we also have broad representation from mid-sized organizations. Click here for a sample of organizations that we serve.

You can cancel anytime by clicking a “cancel” button in your account page. If you cancel within 30-days of your sign-up date, we’ll refund 100% of your subscription fee. If you cancel beyond 30 days, your annual invoice will be stopped and you’ll continue to have access to the site until the end of your current subscription term. Otherwise, you will be sent a “notification of auto-renewal” message at least 15 days prior to being charged for the next billing cycle.

Some components of the membership library are downloadable and others are accessible only through the member dashboard.  If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to some items, and membership discounts.

Yes, you can upgrade to a Professional or Enterprise membership at any time.  If you upgrade from Professional to Enterprise, the pro rated unused portion of your Professional membership will be applied toward the cost of the annual Enterprise membership.

We don’t offer a free trial. But you can sample a portion of LDP Connect through a free Community membership, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all paid memberships.


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