Congratulations to the 2019 LDP Award Winners!

Now Accepting Nominations for 2020
Have you done something extraordinary or creative this past year? Do you know of a colleague or peer who has? Nominate yourself, or a colleague the LDP Innovation Award.

2019 LDP Award Winners

WINNER: For the innovative rework of the Cardinal Health EMERGE program’s cost of living adjustment process, leading to reduced costs, increased transparency and growth of additional rotations.

FIRST RUNNER-UP: In recognition of GE’s innovative NextTech Challenge program – A cooking-inspired competition for leadership development program participants to bring thought power to GE’s “Zero Touch IT” initiative.
SECOND RUNNER-UP: For performing a successful program recalibration of Medtronic’s development program while maintaining continuity with existing program participants and interns.

What is the LDP Innovation Award?

The LDP Innovation Award recognizes outstanding initiative and creativity in contributing to the measurable success of an early career talent development program and the program’s participants. The initiative can be in any element of managing or recruiting for a development program for early career professionals.



What was the business need and what was the potential impact of leaving the issue unaddressed? What was the measurable risk?


What was the proposed solution? What alternatives were explored? Why was the innovative idea/practice/process designed in the manner it was? Why was the proposed solution considered innovative?


What metrics were identified to be used in assessing the success of the innovative idea/practice/process. What was the plan for evaluation?


How was the innovative idea/practice/process implemented? What challenges were encountered and how were they addressed?


What measurable impact did the innovative idea/practice/process have on the business, the program and/or program participants?

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