LDP Connect Enterprise Council

The LDP Connect Enterprise Council is a working group of leaders in early career talent management that meets twice a year to benchmark their practices, tackle strategic questions and professionalize the craft of early talent pipeline development.

LDP Connect Enterprise Council Members

What is the role of early career talent in the future of work? There are hundreds of early-talent development programs across the country, all focused on grooming tomorrow’s top performers. Whether programs are focused on producing top performing engineers, or turning MBA graduates into executives, they all face similar similar strategic challenges. The LDP Connect Enterprise council was inaugurated in 2020 to bring leaders in early career talent management together to begin to tackle these challenges.

  • What is the value of a structured early career program versus the alternatives?
  • How does early career talent management feed into the overall talent management strategy of the company?
  • What are indicators of program health, and how can they be measured?
  • What metrics ought to be standardized so that programs can be “benchmarked” against a consistent market?

Although campus recruiting has a long history, the professional space of “early talent management” is only just emerging. Interested in learning more or getting involved? Contact [email protected].

The 2024 Reports are here!
Early Talent Program Data

Rention rates, NPS scores, Diversity metrics

Curiculum elements, Program structure & more!

From 165 early talent development programs

Across 97 organizations and 10 functional areas


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