About Leadership Development Program Connect (LDPC)

LDP Connect is a membership organization of professionals focused on early talent development. We provide research, events, and thought leadership to the global community of leaders who manage, support or recruit for talent development programs for early career hires.

Welcome to LDP Connect!

LDP Connect is a professional association focused on serving people who lead, manage or recruit for talent development programs for early-career hires (sometimes called “rotational programs”).

The organization was founded by Dan Beaudry, a former leadership development program recruiter and manager at Monster.com, who remembered wishing he’d had a network of other program managers who understood what he was going through!

In 2012, LDP Connect inaugurated the annual LDP Summit® – a best practices conference featuring case studies of innovations, group brainstorming sessions, benchmarking data on program practices, and networking & idea sharing.

With the input of the community, LDP Connect later launched the LDP Survey – a biennial assessment of how organizations manage and evaluate their development programs for early career hires. The LDP Survey captures data on retention, compensation, off-boarding, recruitment, evaluation, staff ratios, mentoring, budgeting and many other practices related to running development programs. The most recent survey contains data on 183 programs from 84 organizations. All participants receive a free copy of the results.

In 2017, LDP Connect announced the launch of the LDP Award.  Development programs are incubators for future leaders; but they also nurture innovative ideas in leadership development.  The LDP Award recognizes practitioners in the space who have brought innovation to development programs for early career hires.

In 2019, the LDP Connect Enterprise Council was formed, bringing together organizations with a strategic interest in growing and optimizing their early talent management programs and practices.  The Council meets regularly to establish benchmarks, commission research and devise standards to use in evaluating early talent program success.

To stay abreast of news and activities within the community, we invite you to become a member and enjoy access to the expertise of other members along with discounts to all that LDP Connect has to offer.  Our membership directory puts a network of hundreds of peers in your pocket.  Our Peer Circle Forum is a place to get answers to your toughest questions, and share learnings.

LDP Connect exists because of the many contributions its stakeholders have made over the years. We welcome the feedback of the development program community, and adapt our offerings to meet your most pressing needs.



The annual best-practices event for hundreds of early career development program managers and recruiters.


Original research on how organizations manage and evaluate their talent development programs for early career hires.


Facilitated small group meetings that dive deep into a critical issue facing talent development program management.

Enterprise Council

A working group of early talent development leaders from marquis employers that tackle strategic questions on early talent.


A monthly digest of quick ideas on development program management and news from within the LDP Community.

Some Participating Organizations

LDP Connect includes professionals from many of the world’s marquis employers, including 40% of the Fortune 100..

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Getting Results from Early Talent Development Programs

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