The 2022 Data Reports are Now Available!

Is your early talent pipeline program working? Can you prove it with data? The LDP Survey captures comprehensive data on program management practices, retention rates, evaluation metrics, curriculum elements, compensation rates,  and much more.  Benchmark your program now with market data collected on 183 early talent development programs across 84 organizations worldwide.


Ever wanted to see how your talent development program compares to others? The LDP Survey provides data on compensation, recruiting, training, retention, budgeting, off-boarding, staffing and program evaluation practices across 183 early career talent development programs from 84 participant organizations.

Developed in consultation with LDP managers and recruiters from around the country, the LDP Survey offers organizations an opportunity to benchmark their practices against peers. See below for a full list of available reports.

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Getting Results from Early Talent Development Programs

Based on data from 183 programs. An analysis of key success factors in early talent development programs, and the practices that drive them. Get your free copy here.

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