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Is your early talent pipeline program working? Can you prove it with data? The LDP Survey contains data collected from the world’s marquis employers of early talent, including metrics on program structure, management practices, retention rates, evaluation metrics, curriculum elements, compensation rates,  and much more.  Click below to explore our unique data on early talent program  practices.


Ever wanted to see how your early talent development program compares to others? Perhaps you’re getting questions from senior management on what “other” programs are doing? The new LDP Survey Data Reports are here!

The LDP Survey (both the North America, and Europe editions) offers organizations an opportunity to benchmark their practices against peers at no cost. The current edition of the survey captured data on 169 programs from 97 participant organizations.

Developed in consultation with early talent program managers and recruiters from around the world, The LDP Survey has been collecting comprehensive data on compensation, recruiting, training, retention, budgeting, off-boarding, staffing and program evaluation practices in early career talent development programs every two years since 2015.

In 2023, LDP Connect also launched the LDP Survey Europe Edition: Survey of Graduate Development Program Practices for programs primarily based in Europe.

Click below for a full list of available reports from the last collection period.

Sample Report

Sample Whitepaper


Why benchmark your early talent program?

It’s important that early talent development program managers track multiple success metrics when evaluating the progress of their programs. Without data, program success becomes a matter of anecdote, and continued investment difficult to justify. Program managers regularly review these metrics with program sponsors and other senior stakeholder.  Benchmarking allows program managers to assess their program’s success and characteristics against peer programs at other organizations.  Senior stakeholder often want to know how their early talent programs compare to others like them when evaluating the return on their investment.

Every two years, LDP Connect send a survey to its community asking for program-specific data on its early talent program practices and success metrics. The LDP connect community is comprised of organizations of all sizes and with many different types of early talent programs. The collected results are compiled in function-specific reports and provided at no charge to participating organizations.  Results are also available to non-participants for purchase.  

LDP Connect has been capturing early talent program benchmarking data in the LDP Survey since 2015.  Participants receive a free copy of the results report corresponding to the functional area of the program they report on. (For example, if they share data on their Engineering early talent program, they get a free copy of the summarized results for all Engineering programs.) The collection period runs every two years, and then next one will open in May 2025.  If you’d like to be notified when the collection period opens please click here.

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Getting Results from Early Talent Development Programs

Based on data from 183 programs. An analysis of key success factors in early talent development programs, and the practices that drive them. Get your free copy here.


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