LDP Workshops with Wronski Associates

LDP Workshops are facilitated, collaborative gatherings that dive deep into a critical issue facing development program managers and leaders. Workshops are delivered by long-standing LDP Connect partner, Wronski Associates.  A firm with over 40 years of experience building and supporting early talent development programs. actionable takeaways.

Workshop: How to Build (or Re-Build) a Quality Early Talent Development Program

Getting an early talent program started on the right footing can make all the difference between success and trouble. With the LDP Connect maturity model as a backdrop, this full-day workshop will get you focused on the key foundational questions to setting up and running an impactful (and measurable) early talent development program. With an emphasis on clarifying your program’s goals, you’ll be guided through considering proper program structure, curriculum design, and community building among stakeholders. If you’re new to the world of early talent development programs, or if you’re looking to revamp an existing program that may need recalibration, don’t miss this workshop!  Facilitated by early talent development experts at Wronski Associates – a firm with 35+ years of experience building and running early talent programs.

Northeast Region Workshop

November 29, 2023 : 8am - 4pm Eastern Time
Cambridge, MA
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Midwest Region Workshop

May 7, 2024 : 8am - 4pm Central Time
Minneapolis, MN
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Southeast Regional Workshop

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Northeast Region Workshop: November 29, 2023

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