LDP Connect Member Discounts

Professional and Enterprise members of LDP Connect enjoy significant discounts negotiated with product and service providers in the early talent development space.  In many cases, the discount offered is far greater than the cost of membership in LDP Connect.  Explore below!

Partner Provider Discounts

Used by many LDP Connect member organizations, Abode’s all-in-one platform centralizes, automates, and tracks your keep-warm strategy to ensure you engage and retain early-career talent from “offer signed” through “day one” (and everything in between).

LDP Connect members save $3000 for up to 100 participants, $5000 for up to 250 participants, and $10,000 for up to 500 participants.  Open to new Abode customers only.

Open to Enterprise or Professional members only. Already a member? Please login to capture the discount.

The IMA’s prestigious CMA® certification helps accounting and finance professionals rise higher inside companies and organizations. LDP Connect member organizations use it to complement the curriculum of their Finance and Accounting early talent development programs.

LDP Connect members save 30% on the cost of IMA professional membership and CMA exam entrance fee. Click the “Explore” button at right for the coupon code, and contact information.

Open to Enterprise and Professional members only. Already a member? Please login to capture the discount.

What this list means...

The organizations offering discounts on this page provide products and services that are being used by members of the LDP Connect community.  LDP Connect has negotiated the discounts above solely as a benefit to its paying members. We do not receive commission for purchases members may make with these providers. LDP Connect has found these organizations to be reputable and valuable, but we make no warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability of their products or services for members’ particular needs, and encourage all members to conduct their own thorough evaluation.

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