Community Starts with Connection: Helping your Participants Build your Early Career community

16th February 2023

Research tells us that employees stay at an organization because of strong relationships, friendships, and a sense of belonging. We work hard to build community to create that sense of belonging, and because programs with a strong sense of community report better outcomes. But there’s only so much we can do ourselves.  Much depends on how driven our participants are in seeking out new relationships, and how skilled they are in building them.  What can be done to enable the internal networking that will keep participants engaged with our programs and our companies?  Do they have the skills and the perspective? Join Adam Connors, founder of NetWorkWise, and a life-long entrepreneur, on a journey into how deeper relationships translate into better retention, engagement, collaboration and success for your program.  Learn how to enable your participants to help themselves, and strengthen your program’s sense of community.

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