Virtual, Hybrid or In-Person: The intern’s perspective…

No matter how skilled the young professional, it can be very difficult to succeed without decent public speaking skills. In fact, Warren Buffett considers this to be the most important skill you can develop, adding that both written and verbal communication skills up your value by at least 50%. What was once called a soft skill […]

Communication Skills Every Young Professional Needs

By Allie Cooper It’s no secret that good communication is vital to success in the professional world. However, what some people may not realize is just how much poor communication can cost businesses. As reported by Inc., David Grossman calculates that some companies have lost up to $62 million a year, with each employee losing about […]

A Successful Virtual Internship: What does the Research Say?

By Hae-Song Jung What does a successful virtual internship experience look like? Last year around this time, we were just coming to terms with the realization that the pandemic’s impact on work might last longer than a couple of weeks or couple of months. Along with pivoting much of the workforce to remote work – […]

When the Rotational Program Ends: Finding post-program roles

By Hae-Song Jung When the rotational programs end, how do we find great post-program roles for associates? Rotation programs are designed to help an organization develop and maintain a robust pipeline for future leadership positions. Managing such a program, therefore, entails the careful and structured consideration of emerging talent’s rotation experiences, performance, and the talent […]

Rotation Matching & Design: An Art and Science in Leadership Development Programs 

By Hae-Song Jung Proper rotation matching and design in your leadership development program means giving your high potential talent critical exposure to diverse parts of your business, leadership, and culture. The hope here is that these rotations will enable your early talent to build the competencies, experiences, and networks they need to become future leaders.  Rotation programs can come in all […]

Boosting Early Talent Program Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

By Hae-Song Jung Workplace diversity has long been shown to have a positive impact on innovation and business results. Because of this, boosting early talent program diversity has been a major area of focus for many organizations, but this topic has taken on additional dimensions in recent years. If recruiting diverse talent was the main priority before, […]

How To “Right Size” Your Talent Development Program

Program size

Early talent program size is an important part of the equation for success. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t take strategy or organizational culture into account. A McKinsey & Company report said too many leadership development programs are built with the assumption that “the same group of skills or style of leadership is appropriate regardless of […]

Employee Recognition: Rewards Beyond Compensation

employee rewards

Classic motivational theory ties an employee’s satisfaction to financial incentives. In other words, if a manager is happy with job performance, a bonus or raise are obvious ways to keep the employee happy (or to keep the employee, period). However, financial incentives aren’t always the best solution.  New motivational approaches hold that constructive feedback and employee recognition are […]

Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 3)

Vanguard interns

Fall recruiting season is in full swing, so it’s time for a dive into issues surrounding summer internship programs and how they impact program outcomes. The discussion below (divided into three parts—you can read parts one here and two here) is an exploration of learnings from this past year. Join guest panelists Rebecca Cuff (Investment Management Development Program Director, Vanguard) and […]

Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 2)

GE interns

Brought to you by Benivo and LDP Connect, the discussion below  (divided into three parts—you can read parts one here and three here) is an exploration of learnings from this past year that can make your internship program an even better source for candidates for your full-time program. Join guest panelists Rebecca Cuff (Investment Management Development Program Director, Vanguard) and […]

Intern Conversion: Observations and Discussion (Part 1)

As program directors and managers, we’re focused on cultivating the talent of our program associates. But many of us are also constantly assessing the potential of program candidates – either personally, or through our colleagues in campus recruitment. Our job is about managing talent pipelines. Early career programs are a pipeline to organizational leadership. Today […]

6 Reasons Development Programs Fail

leadership development programs can crash and burn - photo of a crashed airplane

At LDP Connect, we like to accentuate the positive.  That’s why we’ve written about how companies can build successful early career programs from scratch and about what high-performing LDPs are accomplishing at leading global organizations.  At the risk of sounding a bit negative, today we’re going to look at where programs get stuck. Where they falter. Where they fail. […]