Toni Gipson

Job Title: Program Sr. Manager

Organization: Cigna

About Toni

Primary Industry
Years Of Experience

11 to 15

Educational Institution Afilations

Cornell University Wake Forest University Ohio State

Earned Academic Degrees:

Bachelors and/or Master’s degree in Business, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Data Science - Health Services



Vendor and Technology Experience/Connections:


Professional areas of experience/expertise outside of LDP:

• Prior business exposure through internships/work experience • Demonstrated motivation, commitment, and willingness to seek other opportunities for excellence, in and beyond the classroom (i.e. campus organizations, community service, work experience, civic engagements, etc.) • Demonstrated proficiency of interpersonal and communication skills • Self-motivated and ability to operate independently • Excellent analytical and problem-solving capabilities • Demonstrated leadership experience by driving results and/or leading change • A nimble learner with demonstrated ability to effectively adapt to new situations and handle ambiguity • Involvement in campus/community/work or other involvement (member of student organizations, leadership positions, community service, civic engagement, etc.) • Proven interest in the health services industry preferred • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement

Degree types managed/recruited


Contact Toni

Phone: 860-907-0618

Street Name: 21227 White Cloud Drive

City: Chicago

State: IL

ZIP: 60443

Country: USA

Preferred Contact Method: Email, LDP LinkedIn Group

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