Risi Ademola

Job Title: Talent Specialist

Organization: Retail Business Services

About Risi

Primary Industry

Not Provided

Years Of Experience

2 or less

Educational Institution Afilations

UNC-Chapel Hill Wake Forest Penn State UNC-Charlotte App State North Carolina State University

Earned Academic Degrees:

UNC-Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Wake Forest University, Masters in Business Management


Certification in HR from Michigan State University

Vendor and Technology Experience/Connections:


Professional areas of experience/expertise outside of LDP:

Media Relations, PR, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Multimedia editing

Program types managed / supported / recruited for
Degree types managed/recruited

Reading, mentoring, traveling, learning & growing :), spending time with my family

Contact Risi

City: Salisbury

State: NC

ZIP: 28147

Country: US

Preferred Contact Method: Email, Phone, LDP LinkedIn Group

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