Marta Pateiro

Job Title: Director of Talent Management

Organization: Prudential

About Marta

Primary Industry
Years Of Experience

11 to 15

Educational Institution Afilations

Rutgers University (Undergraduate) & Wharton School of Business (Graduate)

Earned Academic Degrees:

BA of Communications


Fellow of the Global Talent Management Institute

Vendor and Technology Experience/Connections:

HireVue, Workday

Professional areas of experience/expertise outside of LDP:

Active Mentor and Coach within the company but also with other programs outside of the company

Program types managed / supported / recruited for
Degree types managed/recruited

Running & Working out, Traveling, Cooking & watching all sports

Contact Marta

Phone: 973-802-7315

Street Name: 751 Broad Street

City: Newark

State: NJ

ZIP: 07102

Country: US

Preferred Contact Method: Email, Phone

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Pittsburgh, PA

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