Candace Washington

Job Title: Chief Learning Officer

Organization: Pivotal Impact

About Candace

Primary Industry
Years Of Experience


Educational Institution Afilations

University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign Roosevelt University The University of Chicago

Earned Academic Degrees:

BS, Advertising / Communications MBA, Learning and Development (concentration)


WLPI - Workplace Learning and Performance Institute (through ATD)

Vendor and Technology Experience/Connections:

Learning Management System software (Litmos, TalentLMS, Capitvate)

Professional areas of experience/expertise outside of LDP:

Leadership & professional development of young professional and emerging leaders, Effective communication - Personal and professional development - Urban leadership & career development - Diversity and Inclusion, - Needs & Skills Gap Analysis - Program design, curriculum development - Instructional Design - Facilitation - Measurement & evaluation

Degree types managed/recruited

Reading, traveling, bowling, golf

Contact Candace

City: Chicago

State: IL

ZIP: 60607

Country: Chicago

Preferred Contact Method: Email, LDP LinkedIn Group

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